They know everything. They’re always watching. If you own a smartphone, throw it away, even if you have it turned off. They have cameras and detectors up everywhere and can tap into nearly every business camera in the world—it’s all part of their global monitoring equipment network. Underestimate its reach and breadth at your peril, friends.

They’ve also got sensors built into pretty much EVERY metal detector (yep, even that one you’re thinking of), and combine these with “Odium Sniffers.” Airports are stuffed with them, so don’t even bother going there. (Toxic don’t fly commercial!) We can’t normally go into sports arenas, courthouses, and certain schools, and we certainly can’t take public office.

They See Everything

If you see a living person in a thermal scanner, it’s usually this radiated yellow with a bright red center. Tip Number One: Toxic don’t have the red center, so it ain’t the same thermal signature. To get technical a moment, ours is a much more endothermic system than an exothermic one. Our heat tends to radiate throughout the system instead of from any one point (such as the human or animal heart). Even those of us lucky enough to still generate a reasonable amount of body heat show distinctly different thermal signage, and this is how they track us. This is how they know how to find us, and frankly, there is no escape from it.
The embarrassing thing is if you get thermal-scanned right after you eat—yes, my belly is waving at you—they can tell that, as well. They can see everything through those damn drones and surveillance cameras.  Plus, there is this whole radiation thing. The Toxic already carry more than the average person, but BLEACH doses us up at Purgis sometimes for good measure. (They think we don’t know about that, but that’s their brand of overconfidence). It’s likely that this is how they track us from the air and keep those quarantine cities so tight.

Quarantine: You Can’t Stay, But You Can’t Go, Either

In their quarantine zones, the folks at BLEACH step it up even further. Those city prison camps don’t have walls because they don’t need ‘em. They call it the flex barrier. They’ve got cameras everywhere, above and below, and they can freely access the one you have in your smartphone (if you’re dumb enough to use one). They mark us: radiation, some say; others say it’s implanted transmitters. Whatever it may be, if a Toxic tries to leave, a fleet of unmarked black vans will pull up and take him back in. Freeboots sometimes know a way out, but it’s expensive and dangerous. The best way out of quarantine is to never be put in.


Written by Balthazar Black

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