Hello everyone, exciting news!

I AM ZOMBIE is very, very close to being done. WE don’t have an exact ship date, but for the PDF’s it should be a matter of weeks. In terms of the books, cards and ID chips it all depends on if we can find a printer in the USA. We already have a card and book printer lined up, but the chips and other extras are proving more difficult.

The thing entire team is VERY hard at work putting the final touches on the I AM ZOMBIE field manual AND the ID cards. Its a mad dash to get everything done to our high standards of quality. I can promise you that you’re going to love it, no one who has held these cards and this book in their hands walks away anything less than amazed.

Certainly I think this is the first full color RPG game book entirely illustrated and designed by ONE artist. Mark Kelly has really hit it out of the park on this one. This first edition Field Manual will be a collectors item, I am sure it.

After we get your PDF’s to you in a few weeks we want to take a week where everyone can read it over and point out any mistakes that might have been made, and then we will send it off to the printer. We’ve found a printer in China that we LOVE (which will be using for the IAZ board game, more on that in a bit) but Robert is looking for printers in North America, including some old school White Wolf printers, to get your books out much, much faster.

Due to popular demand the BUMP CHIPS are coming out instead of being replaced with Event Cards. I have completely designed them and they are working like a charm. Indeed they now can work with any game system, and can not only add some narrative input into the story by the players, but push players into actually (at long last) roleplaying intense emotions as well as flip comments.

Bump Chips with TWO Event card decks, but we will be coming out with Bump chips in the summer, so if anyone really wants them instead of a functional board game, let us know, we can work something out.

We also have finished the character sheet, so if you want to playtest I AM ZOMBIE but don’t want the bother of printing out cards, you can just use that. The rules work pretty much the same (except that you can’t adjust your character during play) so its a great way to try out the system.

We will be sending a survey out right after the PDF’s. When you fill out the survey you will also be able to buy add-ons, which include posters of uncut cards, mouse pads (with the new cover design on it) and T-shirts. Since we are a virtual company without much official convention presence, this might be your only chance to get these.

Also, we wanted to ask the community a question. We’ve been getting a lot questions from people about ordering the I AM ZOMBIE: TOXIC – The board game. I always had a board game in mind, but wasn’t sure I could do it, so I didn’t talk about it on the Kickstarter, but here we are, and we have a complete board game available. Would it be okay with everyone if we did a Kickstarter just for the Board game (the box) after we ship the RPG KIckstarter stuff.

So many people have asked about how they can preorder a box that we thought this would be a good idea, it would let us really ramp up the quality and quality of our production, and might let us get into full production gear for the rest of the year right away.

Written by Bones

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