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BEING TOXIC: The One In Ten Thousand

Face the truth: You’re a zombie now, but not moaning and shuffling like in the movies. You’re still you, who you always were: intelligent, conscious, and endowed with free will. They get it all wrong when they put it on screen, of course. (On purpose, so nobody thinks it’s real.) They show Skags, sure, but… Read more »

I AM ZOMBIE front cover


WARNING! Read at your own risk If you’re still human, STOP! This book is not for you. Walk away before you know too much. What has been seen cannot be unseen. You can’t go back: you’ll never forget the ghastly truth. There are thousands of curious BREATHER folk like you who just couldn’t help themselves… Read more »

The Day The Music Died

The Day the Music Died – I AM ZOMBIE

(Recorded September of 2003. Name of interviewee redacted.) Is— Yeah? We’re good? Ok, hey. So there’s a day we all tend to feel. Some f*ckers never really come back from it, but it’s the day you come to terms with your condition. I’m not the only f*cker out there with this shit.  Some people say… Read more »