Hello fellow Tox, Balthazar Black here with a little project update. We are so very, very close to finishing the damn thing. Indeed we are about to cross the finish line on the I Am Zombie Field Manual, but a few final details are delaying things slightly. We want to do this exactly right. We want it to be something we can stand by for the next 100 years.

First of all, we’ve been struggling with staying out of BLEACH’s hands, its been a murderous month and we’ve had a few close calls.  Plus we’ve been making some adjustments in our insane, take no prisoners pace and this has delayed us.

Second, we lost a few key members of the team, due to above said Breather Jerks.
Third, we here at Purgatory Press are all perfectionists. We want this new edition of the book to be without flaw and the ultimate example of what we think will be a new art form. The full immerse, first person setting book.

Moreover, this is a bespoke product. EVERY single page is hand-crafted and illustrated; we didn’t just push a button and, voila, the columns and graphics just laid themselves out. Indeed, each page has LAYERS of details, from stickers to quotes to secret codes that get more difficult to break as you get further in the book. While very worthwhile, all of this is extremely time-consuming to implement.

So, friends and supporters, please be patient. Just a little longer now and then it’s game on! Stay tuned and we will let you know more as soon as we know it.


Written by Balthazar Black


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