I AM ZOMBIE will shock, disturb, and provoke. It places in perspective both historical events and where we find ourselves now: the final hours before the Final Outbreak.

This book is not written for members of fringe political groups. They don’t need it. They already know it all. This book is not written for Breathers, either. They don’t believe in us. This book is written for the clueless Toetags who are struggling—as we once did—to survive that impossible first year of half-life.

This is the subversive “how-to” manual of our times, now updated, re-released, and re-edited after 30 years out of print! Don’t be naive or misinformed; get a bead on the latest techniques, systems, and safety measures.

Inside, you will find:

• Background material on Strains, Cartels, and Rackets, and the TRUE history of the Plagueborn.

• Detailed information on electronics, surveillance, and sabotage, with advice on how to get off (and live off) the grid.

• A comprehensive chapter on Human Threats, focusing on BLEACH practices and quarantine protocols.

• Tools of the Trade: from chainsaws to cattle prods to armored vehicles.

• Explicit information on the effects of serums and drugs: from Strontium 90 to Brainz.