Azar “FeyFay” Fayhat

Don’t Make Me Get My Dolls

Nationality: Iranian
Stated Goal: “We will discover the veracity of the Amirani myths, discern their purpose, understand the prophecies; prove there’s truth in madness.”
Allegiance: Unknown
Last Seen: Tallil Airbase, Iraq; Busan, South Korea; PAX, Seattle (WA), USA
Online Persona(s): None
Hobbies and Activities: Seeking ancient lore, ritualistic dancing, sharing bizarre theories with anyone who will listen
Known Associates: Natalia “Wild Thing” Zakharov; Oulare “Mojo” Boukman; Francoise “Pappa Doc” Duvalier
Turn of Phrase: “Such mysteries shall never be known by the likes of you. Accept not knowing.” … “Never give up.” … “I can see what will happen, but you are not ready to hear it.”
Tags: #IcGhosts, #Prognosticator, #Clairvoyant, #ReasonInMadness, #BoneNana
Voice Recording: “It is not any less true just because it was in my head! YOU’RE THE FOOL HERE!!”
Email Intercept: “Oh no, it is most certainly there. I have dreamt and so seen it!”
Informant Report: “Our best customers, they love our ‘ancient artifacts.’ These mooks really think there’s a future for them, and the crazier the song-and-dance act gets, the more they’re willing to pay to make it seem like anyone’s paying attention.”
Wanted For: We are not sure what Azar is doing now, but its sordid behavior in the past has shown that it is dangerous, well connected, and entirely too unpredictable. Azar must be captured, interrogated, and Supermaxed
Warning: Extremely dangerous due to a severe level of insanity. DO NOT try to interact. Avoid eye contact and attack on sight. Can pass insanity onto other people and is totally immune to reason. Try to lure into the open by triggering its mania
Remarks: Azar is often disconnected from the “real world” and vehemently insists its so-called “visions” are not just the hallucinations of a deluded mind. Azar seems to be truly ancient; in fact, so few records exist that we haven’t even been able to ascertain Azar’s original gender. Large swaths of Azar’s movements and actions are shrouded in as much mystery and uncertainty as the strain in general
Strain: The first of the strains. The history of the Abaddon is so distant it is lost, even to us. Those carrying the Abaddon strain are the most respected out of all strain carriers, mostly because it is the oldest and most tenacious. It has been around for millenia and seems to grow both stronger and more erratic with each passing generation. Many claim the mystics are insane. Indeed, in times of stress they are plagued by twitches and tremors and Azar is no exception. Notorious for their poor concentration, an inability to pay attention, and an obsession with seemingly random objects or thoughts. Not really of this world, Abaddon are seekers of ancient lore. Most are prophecy obsessed and insist they know more forgotten lore than anyone else. In short, they’re not really of this world
Strain Origin: Amirani Plague, 8th Century BC. This was the First Outbreak, started by Amirani himself, according to Virulent legend. (We are not sure this is true, and neither is the Holy Inquisition.)


Written by Bones

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