Carny - I AM ZOMBIE ID Card

Some Breathers have decided to make a game based on our new edition of the Field Manual, and they asked us to post this little tidbit on their most entertaining efforts:

This is an I AM ZOMBIE ID card. Instead of using a character sheet, you can pick 5-15 cards from decks of ID cards instead. Its a fast, furious and new way to play an RPG (as well as the CCG).

At the top of the card you have the Abilities, which decide how many rerolls you get.

The Color of the card is the Attribute it gives you, which determines the number of dice you roll.

The card border tells you which side of the card is up, warm or cold (healthy or unhealthy). Your cards are also your hit points.

At the bottom of the art is the title and subtitle of the cards, and then a quote from that particular trope, as well as some flavor text listing special story abilities of the card.

At the bottom of the card is the FEAT, the unique way in which this card can change, twist and pervert dice rolls.

Written by Balthazar Black

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