Balthazar “Wysiwyg” Black

The stalwart leader of our desperate crew is stubborn, tenacious, and obsessive; but he sure does know a lot about printing presses, BLEACH prisons, and ancient prophecies. Some consider him the embodiment of Toxploitation and the patron saint of the Doomsayers. He certainly has a lot of friends and enemies. Rumors that he is the “Wandering Arakan” are entirely unfounded (“Skagscat Nillywankers!”), but he had been taken-for-dead countless times, always falsely. His prize possession is his ‘67 Chevy Camaro Hellracer, “Howling Betty.”



Sterling “Professor DJ” Candor
Head Writer/Radio Host

The chief executor of Balthazar’s vision for world media domination is also perhaps its face… or rather, its voice. Sterling Candor gets Purgatory’s publications out the door, but he’s better known as the host of “An Hour in Purgatory”the regular but unscheduled transmission that interrupts the shortwave military signal whenever Radio Purgatory goes live. (That these broadcasts rarely run the full hour, thanks to wavejack problems, isn’t the point.) Candor holds a doctorate in something obscure and once worked the overnight shift at a classical radio station. These two facts form the basis of his nickname among the Tox: Professor DJ.



Remedy “Bones” Jones
Art Director/Artist

Remedy rarely leaves the confines of the Purgatory Press art department aka The Hellhole. Artist and budding filmmaker, he has been in hiding since the release of his directorial debut, the cult-classic toxploitation flick Mr. Meat Puppet (based on the Detroit serial killer of the same name). The film won critical acclaim, but its focus on unreleased crime scene details piqued the interest of authorities and he became the subject of a nationwide manhunt. Remedy owns an axe, a Rashi cat, a rare collection of Cerehides, and loves stinky tofu.



Nikki “Necro” Stevenz

Nikki was sought out by Balthazar when her underground comix (Necroskanks) caught his attention. Known for her dark and florid way with words, she found grave comfort in contributing to the text of I AM ZOMBIE. Her love of Victorian asylums was a catalyst for the VK Trust—a charity Nikki established to fund safehouses across Europe. She is fascinated by the Tox of the Orient and is determined to bring the IAZ Field Manual to their shores. Luckily, the Scourge inside her likes the taste of green tea ice cream.



Nikolai “Wunderkammer” Savin

Charles came to Purgatory Press when Santo Logano, a former associate of Balthazar, was fed to the Rashi. The Maniac lied and slithered his way into the vacant place, feigning a mastery of the written word. Mostly he just criticized Wysiwyg’s ideas until he could figure out how to be useful. Charles has a lark-like weakness to shiny objects and a shark-like cunning when it comes to money. It’s rumored that he’s got a family with a house and a white picket fence somewhere in the Czech Republic, but it’s probably just another long con. (At least we hope so).